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  • This system is owned by Brazilian Federal Government. All the connections are logged and monitored, with: IP Address, User Agent of Navigator, and requests.
  • This system does not write or read any cookie. The collected information have statistics and auditorship purposes and provided by YOUR system/navigator.
  • Any evidences of illicit activities will subject the visitor to penalities predicted by law. If you do not agree with these terms then you MUST STOP the connection immediately.
  • The user's e-mail box of domain are reserved, exclusively, to attempt the interests of the INPE and the DMC, being forbidden its use for private, commercial ends and sending of unrequested messages.
  • The insertion of email addresses found here, for any way, in lists of addresses for commercial ends or marketing, without a previous authorization of the respective employee is forbidden and characterizes IMPROPER USE OF COMPUTATIONAL RESOURCES Of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. This is a illicit activity and is predicted by law.
  • The messages sent for the users of the domain are subjected to analysis for software filters and, in the detention of some irregularity how much the standards specified for RFCs 821, 822, 2821 and 2822, they will be refused by the system.
  • The message refused by filters will be able to imply in the inclusion of source  IP address in internal black list, remaining there indefinitely.
  • The catalogued spam messages, as well as the captured IPs addresses are informed for international systems of Listing Black (RBLs - Rule Back Lists - SpamHaus, ORDB, etc) and repassed to the CERT-BR.
  • The DMC and the INPE reserve ther rights to preserve ther equipment and computational resources refusing messages with contents:
    • Attachment that imply in the propagation of virus, trojans, and worms, independent of filename extensions of them.
    • Codes HTML, JavaScript, Java Class, ActiveX.
  • The messages with HTML codes can be converted to text by system, before reaching the destination's mail boxes. Messages with 'text only' is recommended the clear ones, as much in heading as soon as in the body of the message.
  • It is forbidden sending big attachements by e-mail. You must consider using of other protocols. It is  highly is recommended.
  • The personal pages contents are responsability of their user owner.
  • Messages with secret contents of under high security concerns must  be sent by using SMTPS protocol, and with contents ciphered by previously exchanged keys.

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