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1.The Internal Network
   3.1. LABELE
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The Internal Network:

A litle history

The internal netowrk of DMC was the first one of INPE. This infra-structure started at 1988 interconneting a VAX/11-780 to FAPESP network, throught a link with 2400 bps under DECNET-IV/X.25 protocol. This link provided the first international link to older HepNET and later to BitNET network. The credits of this "future" belongs to stubborn researchers (Eng. Danton Nunes - DMC, Eng. Juan Garrido - DPI, Eng. Ulisses Guedes - DMC, and others less stubborns). At begining 1989, the link was shared with almost all INPE, starting the INPE's Network. Ending this same year, the protocol was changed to TCP/IP, and one "new and wonderfull" network was reached: The INTERNET.

Today (2006)

The DMC's network is connected to INPE's backbone, following a star topology and speed link of 1Gbps. The internal network opers with the same topology and 200 switched ports.


All of 250 systems (computers and network equipments) are fully interconnected, and using several OS plataforms (SunOS, OpenVMS, Linux, PrintServers e  Micrososft Windows family). These systems support DMC staffs, doctoral and master pos-graduate students, and national and international trainees. Everyone with free access to Fast-Internet Network by INPE backbone.


DMC has count Laboratories of Electronics, Thermal, and Simulation and Control (one for academic and tests and another one for qualification of edge subsystems). Recently, in implementation phase, the employees of DMC implement the Laboratory of Simulation and Control for Real Time, with net of high speed (1-GBps) with 10 dual-processed computers, in which a way it will tests virtual satellites, how much to the systems of control and navigation (attitude and orbit) of a real satellite (the hardware in the Loop).


In the Laboratory of Electronics, DMC projects and tests new electronic equipment for satellites. Under the responsibility of this laboratory, the DMC uses one table with air lame person table air, Table of 3 Axles, and GPS Receivers. With these, DMC provides consulting and development services under for hightech enterprises.


In the Laboratory of Thermal Cotrol, DMC tests and certifies experiments of the area that will compose subsystems of satellites and space devices. Currently, one develops in this LAB research for electronic equipment with industrial application. Details on the project are available in specific page.


In the Academic Laboratory of Simulation and Control, DMC provides to the pupils (specialization, master, and PhD curses), computational resources for the simulation with advanced Systems of control beyond support and consulting for the Brazilian enterprises.


In the Qualifying Laboratory of Simulation and Control, the DMC provides sofware and hardware tools developed by specialists, integrating simulated multi-platforms with hardware in the Loop or components simulated (sensory, actuators and dynamic plant).


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