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About DMC's Black-List:

  • The DMC's Black-List may lock/reject a IP address block, range or specific.
  • The IP block address removal from DMC's Black-List is not possible under client request. The IP blocks are informed to worldwide black-lists and the client domain administration must contact the specific ones.  Under rare and particular conditions (INPE/DMC resquest only) the block may be removed.
  • DMC's Black-List is not available for anyone for consulting, removal tools, or justification. It is for DMC internal use.
  • INPE/DMC has and explore the rigths to keep their internal nertwork and systems safe under operational and functional modes.


  • The filter rules can generate false positive and negatives.
  • Rejected/Discarded messages can not be restored
  • Supended messages can be restored and delivered to destination.
  • When a message is rejected and the source e-mail is valid (IP and e-mail source domain matches) then the source and destination email address are notified.
  • When a message is rejected and the source e-mail is invalid (IP and e-mail source domain matches) then the source email address is not notified but the destination does.
  • Whem the mesage is suspended (hold) then the destination e-mail address is notified.
  • Under urgent / secret / and or extraordinary condition, it is recomended by using Bypass Signatures, provided by DMC systems under previous contact (web pages contacts).
  • The following email address are for "s p a m t r a c k e r"  and they are not associated to any valid user. Messages sent for such address will imply in the insertion of client IP address in the DMC's Black-Lists.
  • There are anothers hidden  "s p a m t r a c k e r" e-mail address inside these webpages, only captured by Spam Crawlers. Each message received is a colleted IP with problem

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