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Message Header Checking

 Header. From:

  • Differences between the value of header and that value provided by envelop "MAIL FROM" will imply in tempory suspension of the message for analysis by later filters. The message MAY BE REFUSED or NOT by rules of destination email address.

 Header. To:

  • The coincidence does not enter the gotten address in Envelope "RCPT TO" with this header will imply in the temporary suspension of the message for analysis for later filter. The message will be or not sent for the destinantion address.
  • In the occurrence of From Heading the message will not be refused and the address follows for the black list Na ocorrência de Cabeçalho From a mensagem será recusada e o endereço segue para a lista negra.
  • SpamTrackers. Some pages of the site are endowed with SpamTrackers (false e-mails) that they will only be captured by WebCrawlers. The presence of these addressees in the message will imply in the permanent refused of the message and the inclusion of the address-IP to the black list.

 Header. Subject:

  • The filter compares the content of this heading with possible signatures of vírus/trojans/worms, as information harvested in the site of the Symantec. Since a lot of virus/worms sent messages with Subject header empty, it is recomended a message synopsis in this header.
  • An empty value will imply in the suspension of the message for posterior analysis. 

 Header. X-Mailer:

  • The filter analyzes the type of mailer used and compares with a list of identifications of Spam-mailers of the market. Several mailers are executed in Windows platforms, however they assume a proper signature. The coincidence of signatures will result in the refusal of the message or the temporary suspension of the same one.

 Header. X-Abuse:

  • The presence of this Header implies in the use of a system HTTP for the sending of messages through scripts badly-configured or sending of spam mailing lists messages. This will imply in the suspension of the message for posterior analysis, being able to result in refusal or the sending for the post office box. In the refusal case, address IP follows for the black list.
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